Acropolis Bye Bye

Elsa Fauconnet

Dealing with the Greek economic crisis, Acropolis Bye Bye, presents itself as a melancholic dream. The dream forces appropriate the collective History, giving a new life to Oedipus who no longer wants to become the king of a city destined to disappear, eaten away by artifice and administered by tulipomaniacs.

Acropolis Bye Bye is the rewriting of a Greek myth, that of Oedipus, and another myth, economic one, borrowed from the 17th century Dutch, which caused a speculative crisis on the tulip trade and devastated the hearts of men and their cities.

In this context of "floral inflation", the film stages an Oedipus who absolutely no longer wants to be king and the disappearance of his beautiful Acropolis which has become a singular character here...

The story of a crazy love with the taste of frozen moussaka. Or how to save a Greek memory when its form is nothing more than artifice, simple spectacle, devalued object of consumption?

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photo artiste Elsa Fauconnet